We are blessed to own Rocky Mountain Horses. Known as the Labrador Retriever of horses, they absolutely love people, are incredibly smart, enjoy a challenge, yet exhibit great calmness. Gentle, kind, and friendly, these gaited horses make it easy to introduce people to equines! They are great for anyone who would like an interactive equine experience and offer great opportunities for individuals desiring to take riding lessons.  We also have other horses that are more suitable for traditional, non-gaited disciplines, including hunt seat, jumpers, and dressage. Visit our Services page to learn about the riding lessons, equine experiences and interactive activities we offer for the community and visitors.

Lesson Horses

Ellie Mae – 14 years old – Rocky Moutain Mare

Ellie is a beautiful liver chestnut mare with a long, silky mane who enjoys young children and any attention you are willing to give her. Ellie is incredibly calm, takes most situations in stride, rarely gets startled by anything, and maintains her composure on trail rides. Ellie is well-trained under saddle, and while she likes to challenge beginner riders by choosing the direction, she can be counted on to take great care of her rider.

dreamer – info coming soon

Dreamer’s bio coming soon!

Fandango – 14 years old – Hanoverian Gelding

Fandango is our incredibly sweet and handsome 17hh Hanoverian trained for hunt seat and to third level dressage. Don’t let his size intimidate you! He is not complicated to ride, is eager and willing, and wants to please everyone. He likes to be lazy, (who doesn’t?) but the positive to this is that it helps you build great legs and a solid riding seat. He is well suited for more intermediate to advanced riders, but he is gentle and easy enough to be ridden by a beginner.

Finnegan – 11 years old – Rocky Mountain gelding

Finnegan is our stunning chestnut gelding who literally shimmers when the sun shines on him! We call him our pocket horse because he follows you wherever you go. His favorite pastime is to receive as much attention as possible, and better yet – to be groomed! He will come up and greet you with a soft muzzle, seeking ear rubs and wither scratches! As our gentle, quiet gelding, Finnegan likes to be close to people, and will often politely nudge you to let you know he is standing next to you. When riding, he will gladly take you through the deepest mud or a swiftly moving creek without any hesitation, exhibiting a reassuring calmness that exudes confidence.

Jillian Black (JB/Jelly Belly) – 17 years old – Rocky Mountain Mare

JB, our only all black mare, is our herd leader. JB is the most surefooted Rocky Mountain horse we own. JB’s granddaddy is Maple’s Squirrel, one of the foundation sires of the Rocky Mountain Breed. JB is a confident and willing horse under saddle, offering beginners and advanced riders a safe, yet often challenging ride. She teaches her riders about the human – horse relationship, and if you don’t earn her respect, she might just stand there – intimidation tactics do not work with this incredibly smart mare.

We are excited to announce that JB was bred in August of 2023 to a beautiful chocolate roan, B and T’s Gravedigger, whose barn name is Dauntless. We are excited to welcome her baby in late June of 2024!

Teagan – 11 years old – Rocky Moutain Gelding

Teagan, a dark chocolate gelding, is our playful boy! He enjoys using his mouth to pick up and play with anything available. He is also our most helpful horse, always “assisting” us when we are doing chores or projects around the barn. Teagan’s manners are impeccable – he likes to keep his mouth clean and sees no issue with using your shirt to accomplish it! He loves baths – his favorite part is when he “drinks” from the water hose – which ensures YOU get a bath too! Teagan is one of our favorite trail horses as he is confident to lead and sets a great pace for everyone. In the arena, he is well-mannered and willing to let even the most inexperienced rider tell him what to do.

Winnie – 5 year old POA Mare

Winnie is a red roan dapple POA (Pony of America) mare. About 13.1hh, Winnie is not your typical pony. She comes from excellent breeding and is honest in her work and takes care of her rider.
She enjoys being groomed, and is a sweet, friendly, pony that enjoys playing with Beauty in the pasture. She also gets along with all the other horses, although she is very independent, and her unique coloring helps her stand out in a crowd!

Zoe – 25 years old – Quarter-Appy Mare

Zoe is an amazingly kind, friendly, and confident quarterhorse-appaloosa mix with champion bloodlines. She is a been there, done that, got the blue ribbons, horse. She has competed in all styles of riding, including hunter/jumper, English, western, dressage, and English/western trail challenge classes and it was common for her to take home the championship. She is kind, willing, and gentle, and still loves her job. Her family is older now, and they have asked us to let her teach the next generation – but would like that to occur at a slower pace. We are excited to announce that Zoe will join our lesson program this fall (2023).

Farm Horses

Beauty – 4 years old – Rocky Mountain Mare

Beauty is our youngest horse; she just turned four years old at the end of June. Her granddaddy is Sam Clemmon’s Tim, one of the foundation sires of the Rocky Mountain Breed. Her Dam is Jillian Blue, making her a half-sister to JB/Jillian Black, our herd leader. She is inquisitive, confident, gentle, and kind, and really enjoys being around people. We have begun ground training work with Beauty, and she will go under saddle next summer once she is fully grown and her growth plates have closed. For now, she loves to hang out and receive attention, so be sure to stop by and say hello when you are at the farm.

Buttercup – 14 years old – Rocky Mountain Mare

Buttercup is our silver dapple mare that has encountered- and overcome – some challenges in her life. This sweet, gentle, and loving mare lost her right eye a few years ago, and this spring, she lost her best friend, Honeysuckle (March 20, 2023). Honeysuckle helped her navigate life and other horses by guarding her right side. Buttercup has since learned to be a confident and independent mare and has gotten even sweeter! Gently calling her name as you approach allows her to determine where you are – then she is all in for some attention. Buttercup will receive a training refresher in the fall and then be ready for the lesson program late in the year.

MAGGIE – 19 years old – Rocky Mountain Mare

Maggie, a dark bay mare, was our first Rocky Mountain horse. She has far exceeded our expectations both at home and on the trail. She is an exceptionally smart horse that has always been willing to do whatever was asked of her, including blazing new trails through thickly wooded areas, ponying another horse, or simply just standing still to help rehabilitate her human mom. She is also our teacher, helping any new addition to the herd learn and adjust to their new surroundings. Maggie is retired from riding due to complications from an upper respiratory infection, but she still loves to interact with people and would be happy to meet you. 

Raina – 12 years old – TWH Mare

Raina is our Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) who stands about 16.1hh.  She is from foundation bloodlines and her gait is absolutely amazing! Raina will not be part of the lesson program, her background prior to coming to us was difficult, and it is in her best interest to have a single rider, and that is David. She is incredibly sweet, and we are excited to have her as part of our herd.


In rare instances, a horse can quickly capture a heart – even when they are timid and fearful.  It becomes something amazing when that horses’ once timid and fearful personality gives way to confidence, with a willingness to please, and a sweetness that endears her to whomever she meets. That was Honeysuckle.

If you never got the chance to meet Honeysuckle, allow me to introduce her.  Honeysuckle was a dark silver dapple (chocolate with dapples) Rocky Mountain Horse.  Born on April 1, 2008, Honeysuckle’s Sire was Fairwind’s Destiny, and her registered name was Destiny’s Dixie Chick. She stood 16 hands high and had a flaxen mane and tail which looked like it had highlights.  Honey was donated to Runner Branch Stables (RBS) by Kenny Higgins of Cleveland, TN, for use with the horse therapy program. 

Honey’s ability to capture hearts was undeniable. She never met a stranger and her absolute love of life radiated from her. She enjoyed being in the presence of people, but the one she most adored was David, co-owner of RBS. As a patient and confident handler and rider, Honey blossomed under his care. She was noted as being an exceptional horse, very eager and willing to please, one that would be an enthusiastic participant in healing the hearts of people, and one that would continue to develop into a fabulous riding companion.

Honey never got the chance to participate in a therapy session and David never got the opportunity to continue her development. We lost Honeysuckle to colic on March 20th, 2023.  Honeysuckle has now become the embodiment of Runner Branch Stables and all we hope to achieve – through horsemanship, riding lessons, and equestrian encounters. We will forever honor her memory with the adoption of her facial silhouette for our logo. We hope you one day have the opportunity to meet a horse like Honeysuckle – we are sure you will never forget the encounter.