About Us

Our Vision

As society moves at an ever-increasing frenzy, our vision is to offer a community where children and adults can find a place of peace and purpose through thoughtful and caring relationships among horses and humans that demonstrate love and promote healing. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to teach quality horsemanship that helps develop individuals through Equine Experiences and Riding Lessons, using whole horse care, groundwork, and in the saddle. We offer a structured lesson program that progresses students as their skills develop – this begins with basic horsemanship to develop a strong foundation.  

We want everyone who participates in activities at RBS to realize their full potential – with horses and in life – and part of our mission is to help facilitate that process.  We believe that hard work and persistence lead to growth, self-confidence, and ultimately, independence. RBS promotes a positive atmosphere where encouragement, growth, and persistence leads to success!

A Word

From Our Owners

“We are David and Kimberly Arsenault and we sure are glad to meet you! Combined, we have more than 50 years’ experience with horses, and our goal is to use that knowledge to help others learn about these magnificent animals. We bring extensive customer service skills from highly challenging positions where attention to detail was key. It is those details that have become our signature in welcoming riders and guests alike to Runner Branch Stables!”

– David & Kimberly Arsenault

Our Team

David & Kimberly Arsenault


David Arsenault

David grew up in Northeastern Maine, just across the border from Canada. Much of his family still resides on Prince Edward Island and in the New Brunswick Province. David moved to Florida where he pursued a career in Aviation, working his way through school. David is a licensed pilot and an aircraft mechanic (A&P), and currently serves as the Director of Aircraft Maintenance for a privately held company. As a pilot, he often enjoys viewing the beauty of Eastern Tennessee from the air. David met Kimberly, who loves all things Aviation, at work, a friendship blossomed, and they have now been married for 15 years.

His introduction to horses began when he was young and he rode his grandmother’s farm horses, including their donkey. Kimberly introduced him to the world of competitive riding, including hunter/jumper, saddle seat, and trail riding. Due to his extensive dirt bike/motocross riding, David quickly adapted to riding and has since become a seasoned rider and trainer.

Passionate about how things work, he addresses challenges or resolves issues thoughtfully. He uses his knowledge of how things work mechanically to understand the movement of horses – and what the mechanical movements of human actions communicate to a horse. He has applied this to his interaction with horses – which has allowed him a unique method for communicating and working with our horses that leads to positive results.

David loves a challenge and frequently competes in Trail Challenges throughout the area. He often receives shout outs for his patience and tenacity when helping a horse overcome its anxiety about a trail obstacle or challenge.

Kimberly Arsenault

Kimberly grew up in Northeast Ohio and had her first horse ride at the young age of 5, and the rest as they say, is history. She fell in love with horses, desired to learn everything about them and began riding and working with horses. Her stepmom taught her how to connect to horses by developing a relationship based upon respect. Later on, Kimberly began riding hunt seat, traveled and worked as a groom for the Junior Hunter/Jumper Champion, and helped teach lessons.

She often can be heard saying that her favorite things are airplanes and animals. True to this, she began a career in Aviation, where she served as a City Manager, Commercial Flight Attendant, Private Flight Attendant, and Inflight Manager. During this time, she moved to Florida, met David at their workplace, and finally pursued her love of horses by teaching lessons. A short time later, David’s career took him to Tennessee, where they purchased their beloved Rocky Mountain Horses and began trail riding wherever and whenever possible.

Now they are both fulfilling their dream of helping others navigate life through interactions with these magnificent animals.

Emma Jones

Riding Instructor & Barn Manager

My journey with horses started when I was 10 years old in an old barn with a horse named Apache. On that day I caught the “horse bug” and haven’t been able to shake it since. When asked what I wanted to do that day, I said “jump” and that is just what I did… eventually, after many years of lessons. 

Since I didn’t have my own horse, I was able to learn to ride just about every horse I could get my hands on. The ”troubled horse” no one else wanted to ride was my favorite and it birthed in me a love for training horses and helping them become better than they were before. 

The thing that gives me the greatest pleasure though is teaching others, and watching them learn and accomplish their goals. I loved my own lessons, they were a breath of fresh air and an escape during hard times. They taught me self-control, patience, and perseverance, and I learned so much about the grace of God. And now I get to pass that experience on to others.

I have a deep passion for Groundwork, which most of my teaching and riding grows from. There is a sense of fulfillment in learning to communicate with a horse, sensing what it is thinking, and knowing it understands me. We don’t speak the same language but we listen and communicate. 

God has always been a big part of my life, especially in my journey with horses. He brought them to me at a time in my life when I needed a life vest. He was that life vest, in the form of a horse. I grew up with a single mom most of my life. We didn’t always have a lot of money. However, my mom always said, “If God wants you on a horse, He will keep you on a horse.” And He has.